Letter to Customers

For anyone who doesn’t already know me, my name is Connor (@connorjrode). I started Wrightsville Creatives as a creative media project back in 2017.

Unfortunately, just recently I was diagnosed with cancer.

We were ready to relaunch all of this before I got the news, so I’ve had to decide whether I want to put it all on hold or work through it.

I’ve iterated on the brand a bunch of the years, and over the past year we’ve been selling fine art photography from all around Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach. It’s taken awhile to refine the product and business model, but I really believe it’s an incredible experience for customers & creatives this time around:

• The canvases & prints are all truly museum-grade products, from a local art reproduction studio — we found that all the online suppliers cut corners to compete on price, and the end product shows it, our new supplier doesn’t. They’re detail oriented, and run an artist-focused business.

• The business model is also incredibly beneficial to artists, which is really important to us, they take home most of all the gross profit dollars.

Because of all this, I’m going to continue working through the cancer. No doubt that it’ll take a hit on my productivity, but I feel great knowing that the product and delivery processes are automated enough that they won’t be affected.


Thank you for the support!